West Stockton Bridge Replacement

City of Elk Grove and California Department of Transportation
West Stockton Bridge Replacement

West Stockton Bridge Replacement Project

Project Name: West Stockton Blvd / Laguna Creek Bridge Replacement, City of Elk Grove, Sacramento County, CA.

Project Deliverables: Wetland Delineation, Natural Environment Study, Cultural Resource Inventory, Restoration Plan, Hazardous Materials Disposal Plan, Work Awareness Training, Biological Monitoring, Agency Negotiation, Regulatory Permit Applications and Coordination.

Resources Dedicated: Wetland Biologists and Botanists conducted surveys for federally jurisdictional wetland habitats and field surveys asssments for the federally threatened giant garter snake, Thamnophis gigas and the northwestern pond turtle, Clemmys marmorata. Staff Environmental Planners coordinated permit requirements and designed avoidance, minimization and compensation measures to prevent adverse impacts to jurisdictional wetlands, federal and state endangered fish, amphibian, insect and plant species.

Project Duration: Critically designed to avoid impacts to the federally protected giant garter snake, the project was completed within a three month period.

Narrative: Designed to correct critical stream flow deficiencies, the new bridge was also necessary to accommodate increased traffic and pedestrian passage demands along West Stockton Boulevard. The project was completed ahead of schedule with no adverse impacts to the environment.